Jasmine Tomballe


Growing up, I always wanted to become everything. An astronaut, a swimming teacher, an actress,

an archeologist, an inventor, a comic book writer, an interpreter, a singer, a copywriter, a business woman, you name it. I wanted to be those skills, emotions, experiences, statuses, hardship, pleasures and passions I imagined these characters encompassed. It took me a while to realize I had to become one thing to live all those thrilling lives. An actresss. In telling as many stories as I can and defending as many different characters as possible, I'm hoping to understand the world a bit better and share what I've found to connect to whoever is willing to listen. I'm ready to be as faulty, raw, driven and ultimately human as I am to bring a truthful experience to the table. In other words, welcome.



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Tel.: +31 (0) 633490768